I blame TudorVII for doing his journal now and making me want to do mine as well. -_-. You know the drill by now. October 14-16 will be madhouse of AHTV and our gaming marathon event/ Sadly I can't promise you my own stream time but, hopefully I can sneak in Tudor's skype call and chat with all of you. I may or may not give away sawg during the event. Depends on dem dedicater server users on AHTV and all that.

In the mean time, if you haven't already, please donate to me! Click the pic above to go to my page. smiley8.gif These hospitials are gonna be boomin again. If you all like, tell me what games I should play, and in return...may play them! Hell, maybe i'll do open lobbies? Sounds good??????

Anyways, im sooo pumped for this event. Gonna be good times again. I will not be posting any more videos until the event begins. So please donate and spread the word. AH4LIFE!