As I promised, I am going to post my impressions on Rage, which came out yesterday. First, like I said in my before post I'm cleaning house, but no one commented back. So I am just going to have to go through all of my friends and find which ones haven't been on in a couple of years. At least I only have forty something or other friends, so it shouldn't be that hard or annoying. I just do not like going to everyone's page individually to see how long it has been since they have logged on. It becomes quite tedious. Anyways, as I promised, Rage.

Ok, so I picked up Rage for my Xbox last night before my local Gamestop closed, and I can say with utmost certainty, Rage is what Borderlands should have been. That said I need to explain myself because I do not think I have properly orated to you lot my discrepancies with Borderlands and Gearbox, who in my opinion, really butchered their own game. See a really long time ago, Borderlands was just being whispered about. The graphics looked awesome, there was going to be the ability to create and mod your own weapons to outrageous proportions, and my favorite, there was going to be a huge environment you you could go all Mel Gibson and Road Warrior it up. Then everything went downhill. They announced the game was going to be an rpg, that was fine, there aren't that many fps rpgs around so I thought it would have been awesome. Next they decided to cut the more "realistic" graphics for a cell shaded look. Ok, I wasn't to happy but maybe it's for the best. Then that was the last I heard about the "modifications" to Borderlands. Then the game came out and I was pretty damn unimpressed. If you haven't played Borderlands, it's a game unto itself. It is a specific kind of game and gameplay for a specific player, which wasn't me. I think, the rpg aspect was defunct, for you had to unleash a maelstrom of bullets and grenades and rockets just to kill one person. Thats not fun, its tedious and annoying. On top of that if someone joined you to help it was actually a hindrance, because in Diablo fashion, the more players there were the harder the enemies were to kill. Also, there are literally a bajillion guns, this may sound cool but you constantly have to upgrade your weapon or you'll be destroyed by your already out of date guns inability to kill even a lowly Skag (lizard dog thing that is actually pretty cool). The story was ok with an M Nite Shamalamadingdong ending but more of a Lady in the Water instead of a 6th Sense ending in that it sucked and was highly disappointing. Now my most important grievance, the vehicles and sense of independence with said vehicles was lame. There wasn't much use for them cause they died just as fast as you did and to use the gun you had to have an extra person to man it but even then it was still as inaccurate that the driver locking on to an enemy. So, for me, Borderlands sucked. Don't get me wrong, it was a somewhat fun game to play but there was little to bring me, and my friends, back to it, for more. I expected something different and that is why the game, to me, was terrible.

Now that I have said that, Rage is what I wanted Borderlands to be. First off, the game-play is really good, I use the term really good, because the game might just be this way or I need to upgrade my weapons first, but some enemies are, a challenge to kill. They are damn resilient to bullets, and the AI is such a bastard. Even on normal, the enemies to all they can to get out of the way of your bullets. They duck behind cover, they throw grenades when I'm reloading, in the case of mutants dodge out of the way crawl and run on the ceiling and walls, and flank you if you are not paying attention. This isn't annoying, its just different. Most games the enemies just come at you, no strategy other then the human wave tactic to overpower you. These bastards are well armed well trained merchants of death that desperately want you dead. The weapons are beautiful and effective. First you start off with a dinky pistol, which is still formidable if you can shoot fast and accurate, and your fists, which are their own equip able weapon besides a separate melee you can do while having a weapon equipped. Then you get a beautiful semi-automatic shot gun which is amazing, it is not a pump action but still packs quite a punch. Since then I have acquired a crossbow, sniper rifle, light machine gun, assault rifle and rocket launcher which all have their uses so it isn't just a bedlam of chaos, shotguns and pistols for the mutant monkey, cause they like to get up close, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and lmgs for the normal bandits and other humans, and rockets for the heavies. For each weapon there are numerous mods and ammo types. Mods make your weapons more stable, shoot faster, and more accurate. The different ammo types are used for different enemies like the mutants and heavies mentioned before.

Any wasteland, Road Warrioresque game needs vehicles, its what borderlands tried, and failed at, and what, arguable, Fallout needs. These vehicles are amazing in the design and versatility, there are, so far, atvs, buggys, and trucks. To acquire different vehicles you need to race in events at certain towns, I say this cause I have only been to one town that has this but I do not want to leave out the possibility of others. These races you can acquire "racing certificates" that allow you to purchase new weapons and mods for you vehicles to make your own wheeled death machine. The races fall under many categories like time trials and friendly races but there are also the no holds bard races in which you have to destroy the other racers to win, and you will get blown up a couple of times too. The handling in the vehicles is not to shabby even just starting off, there is a boost mechanism, and you can upgrade handling, suspensions, and speed, to make driving through bandit infested canyons easier. While out and about, your vehicle can get destroyed, but fear not,