So for the first time in my life I have encountered the money problem. In the past I haven't really needed money, since I always had a job to buy stuff, and I don't really need stuff that much either. But now everything is coming in one big blow... bow chicka bow wow... I've got a driving test I need to pay for that's about £100, then I've got rent every week to pay. which is a third of every payslip I get, I have to pay for my actual car... Insurance, MOT, repairs, ect... ect...

But to me the thing I want to invest in greatly, is what I enjoy doing, making videos. I want to have the time to make videos, rather than having to wait until about 2:00am every night, I want the time to edit my videos. I want to get better at editing (but since I have no time, all my edits have to be quick and crappy). I want to be able to record in higher quality. My amazon wish list has been sitting there for too long.

It's been about a month and their are these items sitting there teasing me each day, saying "buy me, buy me." But I have to just have to ignore them and say, "no blackmagic intensity, no blue snowball, maybe another day."

God I need to win the lottery or something.

Oh and rest in peace Steve Jobs.