Written by Lamar Hall, Casey Lee Williams and Jeff Williams

Insane breakneck pace
No brakes full speed ahead on this chase
Goons-nippin at my heels
Move my wheels cuz I'm not tryin to get killed

Ooh-what I'm gonna do?
Me and the crew-one false move-we through
Stress level high it's a full court press
Can't guess wrong the result is death

Adrenaline filled like a kid named Ritalin
Gotta get away from this bullshit middleman
Pushed to the max no time to relax
Cuz if we ain't swift we facin the axe

But I ain't tryin to hear it-float like a spirit
Finish line comin, I feel us gettin near it
Can't stop now , yo, we almost there
Unaware of what awaits us in the air

Falling toward the sky
Waiting for my.....ride

Landin safe on the back of the truck
Now we ride through the streets talk about good luck
Man that was tough, jumpin off the building
But if we didn't do it then our time was up

Never that though I'm just too swift
Blessed with a gift that flows from my lips
Still represent still talkin that shit
Still hit your chest like a blast from the fifth

Ain't no stopping I'm-a keep it poppin
Rollin rockin pure hip-hoppin
Soul like Rakim you know I got plenty
I'm a C note, dog, and you're more like a penny

Jeff sent the text, asked for the best
So I stepped right in put flames to the test
Burn it down from dusk til dawn
Rise from the ash and then I'm gone

Falling toward the sky
Waiting for my.....ride