Ok, so once upon a time my journals had games and shit I'd written and random crap on an almost daily basis, sometimes more than once a day. I've realized that I have completely fallen off on all of that. I got distracted by getting a job and going on trips and moving and whatever else, and it's become downright boring in here. So starting today I move toward changing that.

The most creative thing I've done in like a year is making 25 pony avatars for an elaborate joke, and I miss thinking on things, being at least as creative as I have to be to write a fantasy fight or something. So I'm going to try and move that direction again. Starting slow, though. Eventually we may revive some journal games and shit. For a start I'm going to strive to make a journal entry a day with at the very least something like Data's thought of the day, which might be something short and completely random or insane, or it might be some long, winding explanation of some thought that's occured to me. Just putting what's going through my head out there and inviting comment from the watchers. Maybe thoughts on a book, movie, or sandwich that I've recently read, seen, or eaten, just something I'll have to put some creative energy into to think about and write down. We'll see if I can maintain something simple and work our way up to more fun levels of creativity.

I say all that to say this, be warned, journal alerts from me will be on the rise. If you're not interested in the ramblings of a diseased mind, I don't know why you've held out this long, but now could be the time to jump ship. The warning has been given.

Also, this doesn't count. The official beginning of this new enterprise will be later today. Because typing from my phone takes too damn long. It probably took me 15 minutes to type all this out. smiley3.gif