Tonight while I was hanging out with the people from AHTV Chat I recieved a phone call from my cousin Alex. Alex is about 3 years younger than me so he trusts people too easily. So he called me on the phone crying because he said that somebody stole his PSN account. I asked him if he called Sony and he told me that the place was closed. Alex explained to me that one of his friends who is 21 offered to gameshare with him (if you do not now what gamesharing is than look it up). So when it happens this asshole changes the password and email and basically locks Alex out of the account until he could contact Sony.

Since Sony was unable to help I decided to see if I could scam the scammer. So I sent Alex's account a message asking if he could send me his account info since I "accidently" deleted the user off my system. His response was "Ok but you have to send me your account info also". I acted as if I didn't know anything and sent him my email but an incorrect password. Once we swapped I quickly did to him exactly what he did to my cousin before he realised the info was wrong; I changed the password and email.

Then I gave my cousin back his account and got him to delete his friend and swear to never gameshare again. I'm very proud of myself for doing this and this is exactly why I don't gameshare because you can't trust alot of people on the internet especially with account information. I really hope that one day that man gets what he has coming to him.