So, I caught a nasty cold (possibly flu) just in time for the marathon. Balls. Not only am I tired, weak, and achy as hell, I still have running around to do. I still have yet to properly restock my fridge after losing all my food and I have almost no clothes to wear at this point.

However, I'm not quitting yet! I'm gonna shop as fast as I can and when I do my laundry at my parents' house, I am bringing an extra controller to play with my dad on his 360. I don't care how late I stay up tonight or how many days it takes for me to get my 24hrs in.


[Update] So I got to a rather pathetic start- however I got about a quarter of my gaming in at my parents' house. Also, I got my dad 130g on his account, so that's gotta count towards community service, right? Looks like I'll be up all night, but that's actually a much better time for me. I am less likely to wear out quick. Wish me luck, and good luck to the rest of you! <3

[Update2] Ok, so it's close to 2:30am right now and I am ready to curl up and sleep. I am about halfway done and may need to continue on tomorrow. I'll see how long I'll do tonight, though.

[Update3] Just woke up. Wicked headache. Food will fix that. Also, definitely had a dream about trying to get the Sob Story achievement in Left 4 Dead 2. How sad. Alright, time for my last half!

[Update4] D'awww, my dad donated the last bit for me to reach my goal. My parents are awesome. <3 I've reached my goal in support, but I am not yet done with my gaming. Just a few more hours until I have my 24hrs! smiley13.gif