Very late start due to some outside business but nonetheless, my 24 adventure begins now! I'll be shortly having an open lobby on xbox for a long ass time. So join if you like/must/want or feel needed too.

My plan isn't set in stone but i'll be going for a ton of gamerscore and a ton of fun friend lobbies online. If you see me playing something like zombies, reach, black ops or any multiplayer game and want in, send me a message. I'll invite you. =)

Don't forget to make a donation with this link, Donate!!!! Remember, this is for the kids and no way, whatsoever tied to me or anything of the sort. So have heart and donate!

Also, for whoever donate's 20+ bucks can do the following. Choose what game I have to play up to the next 3 hours, what game I have to play to achieve my 100,000 or....or request help with a certain achievement. So yeah, i'll update more and more during the day on my twitter/ facebook. Don't have either or, click tehe next two links to have access.


See you guys at the finish line!