My brother moved into his own place, which means that the room he was using is now like my living room. Spent all day cleaning, rearranging, moving shit, it looks pretty good, or at least it will when he finishes moving his stuff. Right now what he hasn't gotten around to moving yet is sort of just over to one side. Other than that it's looking great. Need to get a couch, though. That'll be nice. But now I'm tired.

Hopefully have my own place as well in a few more months, after I've finished saving up enough for a little new car. That'll be nice.

Arkham City tomorrow. So if it's as awesome as it promises to be I may just disappear for the rest of the week. I'm off work this week. Had a bunch of days of PTO I had to take before the end of the year, so back in August I looked and found a week that no one else had scheduled to take off yet and grabbed it up. Turned out it was the same week as Arkham City, lucky coincidence, eh? I'm excited.

Random thought, what webcomics do you people read? ("What do you mean 'you people'?" "What do you mean, 'you people'?" There, got it out of the way) Not that I'm looking for more, I'm satisfied with what I read, and I've also found that I really dislike some of the more popular webcomics. Like Penny Arcade? Hate it. XKCD I occasionally find amusing, but not regularly enough to actually watch it. I just see it when someone else posts it. I think my favorite is Girl Genius, which you simply must read if you haven't. Won the Hugo award for best graphic story the last 3 years in a row, so that they removed themselves from consideration for next year, just so someone else would have a shot. And, of course, I freaking love Dresden Codak, but it's hard to get excited about a comic that only updates like once every 2 months, no matter how amazing the writing and art is. Order of the Stick is fun, though at some point it definitely takes on the feel of a story that will never end. Erfworld is quite fun, except that in book 2, which just ended, they did a lot of text updates, which I feel kind of misses the point of a webcomic. Part of telling a story in comic format is getting exposition into the panels while still keeping things moving and interesting. If you feel like your comic needs several paragraphs of pure text every other page, maybe you need to reexamine your approach? Or maybe that's just me. Still a great comic, though. Then there's Something Positive, which is always fucking hilarious, but often in a way that makes you feel bad about finding it funny after the fact (seriously, I don't know how the author manages to hit that balance so often). And more recently I started reading Misfile, which is weird, because the arts not great, the characters are kind of one-dimensional-ish, the story kind of piddles around and takes pains not to actually go anywhere. Aside from an odd premise (an angel smokes a joint and gets so high that he makes a mistake in Heaven's filing room, and ends up turning a guy into a girl) and a good update schedule (every day M-F), it really doesn't have a lot going for it, but I keep reading for some reason.

Whatever, rambling again. This journal is really just part of my attempt to keep myself conscious until it's time to head over to Gamestop at midnight. Not a bad job of it, either.