Ok, first off I made a decision, that I think I will highly regret later, to buy Dark Souls. That said, fuck that game and the developer, because it is so damned annoyingly hard, but I cannot stop playing. The game is extremely straightforward. Run around the demon world and kill demons so that you can return to the human world. The enemies are bastards and the bosses are greater bastards. I'm loosing my sanity over this game and coop feature is stupid. First you have to find a White Soapstone to write a summoning sign then someone in another game of similar level comes along and summons you into their world, this would work fine, if I had some damned friends with this game. Oh and you cannot be in an xbox live party if you want to play on coop, a la mw2. I'm going to stop there before I break something.

Next we have Ace Combat, Assault Horizon. It pretty much is what I expected in an arcade fighting game. All of the aspects of the game are extremely arcadeish, for example, the best and pretty much only way to kill enemies, especially on the harder difficulties, is to initiate dog fight mode. You move relatively behind another plane and tap the lb and rb buttons together to get a little tunnel vision. Then you try and keep your target in the middle of a large green circle so you can lock on to them and use your heat seeking missiles which for some reason get way more powerful in dogfight mode than just trying to shoot the plane down the old fashioned way. In dog fight mode, enemies will try their damnedest to loose you and keeping them in that circle is sometimes near impossible, also other enemy planes can get a dog fight on you and you have to counter them and then dog fight them. This gets annoying since you will always be in dog fight mode if there is a lot of planes. The AI on your side is totally useless, they should have just put balloons in the air that would have been more affective. If you like arcade dog fighting games, this is for you. If you are like me and prefer plane simulators, do not buy this game for the love of god.

Batman Arkham City. I have barely scratched the surface of this game but if you have played Arkham Asylum then you already know what this game is like. The story is really interesting though. Arkham city is a super prison/city that all the criminal of Gotham city are sent. Arkham city is built right in the middle of Gotham also. The "warden" of Arkham city is Dr. Strange, who somehow knows Bruce Wayne is Batman and sends him to Arkham City. Chaos unfolds when Penguin tries to kill you and you bitch slap his lackeys into a coma. Then you get Alfred to air drop you Batman toys and thus kick some ass. Some things happen and you end up siding with some unsavory characters like Catwoman, Bain, and, most of all, Joker. Hilarious, dark humored dialog ensues. Now I'm looking for Dr. Freeze, who has gone missing for some reason. That is about as far as I got. Like I said the game plays just like Arkham Asylum. If you haven't played it, shame on you go buy it now and play it or a lot of Arkham city will not make sense since Arkham City is a sequel.

As most of you know I love Max Brooks books on zombies, like the Zombie Survival Guide, and Wold War Z, which I'm currently rereading, and since every one has been making all this huff and puff about the new season of Walking Dead, I decided Sunday, whilst at work, to watch the season one marathon. This was a bad decision. Like I have been lamenting to my friends, The Walking Dead is just (insert any television drama hear) with zombies. What the creators tried to do, and failed in my opinion, was to have a character driven story about people living in a zombie apocalypse. They missed the mark by a lot, the zombie aspect is only hinted at in some episodes and almost completely vacant in others. Also they got a lot of zombie lore completely off. I can see that they tried for a Max Brooks zombie, but totally missed the mark like the whole episode where they cut up a zombie and draped its intestines around their necks to hide their live human scent. They should have been eaten immediately, not to mention the high probability of infection they should have gotten. Also if you are a military person and prides themselves on being able to tell apart military hardware apart from eachother, and you cannot stand it when movies and tv show get everything wrong, do not watch this. At one point the main character hides in an abandoned military tank. This is fine, whats not fine is that the tank was, and I'm pretty sure was a M24 Chaffee from world war two. Now I'm not sure and if the military in the show was National Guard, I'm pretty sure they would not be hanging on to a 60 year old tank. Later I swear I saw an Israeli Merkava tank, but I think I was mistaken. Another instance was that some military troops just happened to have some G3 in hand, cause you know, that's standard issue, and to top it off the sounds for the M4s and G3s where not even M4s or G3s. So I decided to not watch the hour and a half second season premier. I decided Dark Souls and Ace Combat was a better use of my time. I do have some good news from this, as some of you know Brad Pitt, or someone associated with him bought the movie rights to World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide. If Mr. Pitt sticks to the books rigidly and doesn't stray to much I think these movies will be amazing. Of coarse, Hollywood has the tendency to fuck up book to movie adaptations so I'm not holding my breath. WWZ comes out in December of 2012 and The Zombie Survival Guide is slated to come out in 2014.