Kara's Exciting Day

3 years ago

A new Rooster Teeth Animated Adventure is waiting to give you happy-laughs! This week goes back and forth between Kara thinking about the most exciting part of her job and a couple of other short Rooster Teeth Podcast snippets. Like the droids that could potentially be living in Geoff's grill:
I hope George Lucas doesn't sue.

What was your favorite part of this week's episode?

Comments (18)

  • Blu_idiot


    3 years ago

    kara's face when she says get out

  • kylechu


    3 years ago

    The best part was when Jack's voice was synced up to Kara's talking. For some reason, that made me laugh.

  • LigerZ


    3 years ago

    Hey what podcast was the story about Kara from I really wanna check that one out

  • EvilHero


    3 years ago

    my favourite part was Kara's face at the "Get Out!" line. Great work as always, Jordan

  • rsmx


    3 years ago

    Geoff Gus an Michael freaking out about the mechanical pencil.

  • forecep


    3 years ago

    Kara knocking the ice cream from the kids hand

  • DomEReapeR


    3 years ago

    Kara knocking the ice cream out of the kids hand, that's already a running joke in th company xD

  • SailorTweek

    SailorTweek RT Booth Babe

    3 years ago

    Gus. Always Gus.

  • GeneralSalem


    3 years ago

    Kara kicking dirt in the kid's face

  • Lynxxon

    Lynxxon Now in Beta

    3 years ago

    Gus dozing off...

    ''..................'' *BONK*