It snowed the other day before I was even ready for the cold. I was amazed to hear that some areas got up to ten inches. What the hell? The leaves haven't even fallen yet. I didn't even take my a/c out of the window (I have weak girly arms)!

Instead of curling up in a giant cocoon of down comforters, I really do need to ask for help with my a/c and get my heat going. But, you know... I'm forgetful and don't remember until I get back to my apartment at night. Woops.

So- how's everyone else doing? You as cold as I am? Do you find yourself taking much longer showers in the morning to stay in the heat? Do you work late at the office because it is nice and warm? Are you a tiny bit excited about the cold only because it means no more spiders in your doorway?

Do tell!