Well hi there, folks.

Long time no journal, I know. My life is rad, took a trip down to Washington DC, almost got fucked over by Amtrak, got home, and continued life in my regular fun way.

Today, though, I'm coming to you with something I support. Some of you long-time readers of this space might remember me telling you about a little place called Shirts for A Cure which provides funding to under privileged women to help them fight breast cancer, but today I'm coming to you with something else.

Movember is now upon us, or, moustache-ember as some might call it. Ok ok, so nobody actually calls it that, but it's a great project whereby men grow moustaches throughout the month of November, and elicit donations going against prostrate cancer.

Check out the main site here and take a moment to learn a bit more. then head on over to my own site, check out my pictures (I will try to update these every couple of days) and, if you like, donate something. Or, if it's more your fancy to donate to someone else, like my intrepid colleague Jason (DUStarsFan), do that, too!

Happy Movember, everyone!