I own a car, it's a Hyundai Excel. 1998 model, I got it last year rather cheap and it has run amazingly up until now.

It has spent the last few weeks in the garage, in the end I needed to replace the gearbox and the clutch. Now that hit my pocket really hard, nearly two grand down. Plus another grand from a while back that went to the insurance company, for an accident that wasn't my fault.

Surely that must be the end of it? Nope, back into the garage the next day because something is wrong with the alternator apparently. Alternator was fine, but power seemed to becoming lost somewhere in the engine, mechanic told me to take it out and see if the battery would manage to right itself after a bit of driving.

Doesn't seem to be improving, so I plan to take it in right after a night I'd been planning with my friends. Manage to make it there, but the next day the battery had completely drained overnight from whatever the problem was. An hour and a half and one tow truck later I made it to the garage.

It's still there, waiting to see if they can find the problem so I can get my car back and go back to work. I'm a pizza boy, so I'm losing money each day I can't work in addition to that.

In other news semi-car related, I purchased San Andreas and am obsessed. I have always hated that whole gangster talk, but it seems to be permeating my entire life. I used the word nigga, to a white person. She did find it quite amusing, and she tends to call me asian so it's all good. But still, talking like that can't be healthy nigga.

I also notice that the number of users watching me is slowly increasing, why I have no idea since it seems I rarely do anything. But still a shout out to those, and appreciation for the thought. Maybe you lot (Or others who happen to come across this) could help me, in the original GTA there was a song that started "G Grand Theft Auto" and I would like to get a hold of it. But I don't know the title, the artist, nothing.

There goes my nice long, content filled journal. For all those who wait for my quality filled rants, peace out homies!