Hey everyone!

My nephew, Peter, made it to the Top 20 of a local cutest grandkids contest. Please follow the link below and vote for him FTW!

Voting instructions:
1) go to link below
2) enter security words
3) enter Peter's letter (B)



In case you were wondering why you should vote for him, here is a top 10 list:

10) I said so.
9) He's cute.
8) He's my nephew, and you like me.
7) How can you say no to a face like that?
6) Doesn't really know words, but that doesn't stop him from telling us really long stories.
5) He's good at making a mess, but he's also good at cleaning it up!
4) He loves watching "Woody Buzz," and sometimes "Woody Buzz Jessie"
3) He's 2. If you don't vote for him he will grow up with no self-esteem and you will be a horrible person for causing that!
2) He's a fan of Rooster Teeth
1) His name ACTUALLY IS Peter Parker!