So totally never get on here anymore but ever sense i got halo combat evolved anniversary I felt like reading the halo books watching all of red vs blue again as well getting back on my red vs blue account. Really I have not been playing video games all that much and now only own 3 games which would halo reach BF3 <---- fucking godly game sorry call of duty but I'm getting sick of you. and of course halo combat evolved anniversary. I have also slowed down my paintball a lot ever sense i started college cause ahhhh im just about always poor all the time lol. I still go to raves only the ones i care about just last weekend i saw Darren styles and a month or 2 ago went to go see DJ S3rl for the second time. So yeah totally add me on xbox MrPatwee if your looking for a good halo player or just someone to chill with go for im down for just about anything lol. Later RedvsBlue