Okay, as requested, i'll do a journal about my week trip back to my hometown......in diary style!

Sunday: Flew in ontario and was picked up by Chris. Went to his house, greeted his family and watched football all day. Nothing really special happened that day.

Monday: Woke up, did chores( yup, chores on vacation......the fuck -_-). Took a shower, player 30 minutes of Graw 2 and Gears 3 and got ready for lunch. Went out to the Elephant Bar and had lunch with my lovely grandma and cousin along with chris. Afterwards we walked into the mall and got first in line for Mordern Warfare 3 with out group of 14 people. 7 craziest hours of my life if I might say so myself. Got a lot of free merc and people be jeaous, smiley8.gif . Then got out copy at midnight went home played multiplayer for an hour and went to bed.

Tuesday: Woke up, played MW3 and then did more chores.. Finishing for the day I went back inside and watched Transformers 3 with chris and his famiyl and ate delicious food. So we really did jack squat that day but it was still enjoyable.

Wednesday: Same rotuine as the other mornings, we did mother fucking chores. smiley2.gif . Finished it quickly to go get Cold Stones with Emily, which I miss both dearly. I then got a pack of 4 monsters and headed back to chris's house to play spec ops in MW3. The later part was dead but once again, very fun hanging with the chris.

Thursday: Same as the other days to be honest. Only difference was that we went to game stop and grabbed Dead Space and Dead Island for chris. Had subway for dinner and all was good. Watch chris play a little bit of dead space and that was that.

Friday: Went out for pizza with my friend rodney and the gang. Good pizza juts didn't last long enough, smiley6.gif . After lunch went and got a snack and headed back to the house for my final night back at cali. Parents came home, they made dinner and then we watched Thor. Which they loved and enjoyed it in the glorious Blu- Ray. Finished the movie and went to bed.

Saturday: Woke up, got ready at 4 am and left at 4:05 am to make my 6:02 flight back home. 10 am I arrived at eugene and went home. Depressing day but in the end, it ended off with a good week.

So overall, it was a decent ride. I do thank Chris and his family for my stay and hopefully can do it again soon. All that's left it to visit BioHRay and steal his wife for good..muhahahahahha. smiley8.gif