...no one wants to see your crappy art!

So before I get into my lack of artistic acumen, allow me to quickly explain. So most of you probably heard about the G4 tv show called "Proving Ground" where Ryan Dunn and some nameless hot chick were going to see "What's it like testing out theories from movies, TV shows, and video games in real life?"

Of course, this is kind of a clear rip-off of Rooster Teeth's Immersion.

So, this spawned a funny little comic idea I had.


I drew this in late May, never touched it up, procrastinated my ass off at getting RT times issue 7 out, and wouldn't ya know, on June 20th Ryan Dunn got into a tragic car accident and died.

I debated on running the cartoon anyway, but after Dunn's death G4 put the show in limbo and were considering not running the show at all which, therefore, made the comic kind of irrelevant. Luckily, RT user and comic creator DeanArcher saved my ass and I've been working with him ever since.

But this has been sitting on my hard-drive and my Tinypic account, so I'd thought I'd share it with you in all of its crappy glory. smiley4.gif LOL