Got my first, permanent job working at Rebecca's Children's Center with my mom on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Working with children isn't my greatest forte, but my mom's boss took me out to dinner and asked if I wanted to work there. I don't get too many hours in, but it's better than nothing and somehow I'd be getting about $120 a week just for working five hours. No clue how that works but I can't complain. This doesn't take effect until January though, seeing as the holidays are coming up and the center is going to be closed. At least I won't have to wear any outfits/uniforms, with the exception of ren faire, of course.

Hmm...second thing to talk about. Screwed up pretty bad and pushed away some friends. I've thought over what I've done and apologized to them, so now I have to wait and see if they're willing to take me back. I was at least able to get one of them texting me again, and the other can only on occasions. Better than nothing, thank God. Going to mash the bad news all into one paragraph and say that chances are I won't be going to school in the Spring...well, I might, not too sure yet. At first I owed the college $324 for dropping out of two classes, but they took that out of my second financial aid check so now I just owe them $170. It's still a lot, but better than the bigger burden I was carrying. So I'm hoping that I can muster some money up so I can register for classes. Oh, and I went on my Facebook today to have myself tagged by one of my ex's fiances, with lovely notes such as: "skank, whore, slut, if God wished babies could die you would've been one of them". I got like 8 tags. ...Really? Babies?

Third paragraph! I have three more original characters - they keep flocking to me, I swear. Unfortunately I've become another person in the world to favor the series Twilight. I said FAVOR, not LIKE/LOVE. [Team Jacob.] And thus, a few characters were born from that. ...Thanksgiving! Yeah, going to San Jose on Wednesday night until Saturday morning. It's going to be weird not having internet up there, but it isn't any different than the lack of it at home. I'm just going to scramble all my remaining thoughts together in this last paragraph - I can't find my camera. Looked all throughout the boxes I thought it could possibly be in in storage but nothing. Made some awesome spaghetti for dinner last night, it was amazing. Went to visit one of my friends last week for a couple of days. Got to see her daughter Grace for a couple of days. She's only a month and a week old, so cute...but sorry, still don't fancy children. The time with her was nice though. I got to relax and sleep next to a fire both nights and we had elk hamburgers for one meal and deer chile colorado the next.

Okay, I don't know how many are going to read all this, so I'm just going to close it now and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving in case I can't get internet again until then. P.s: Going for my license next week. Parents finally snapped at me for putting it off for so long. P.p.s: Started and finished watching The Guild on YouTube. The episodes aren't as lengthy as your average ones, but it's a nice series and made me lol a lot. There are only 5 seasons so far, right? P.p.p.s: Watched Despicable Me for the first time the other day. Wanted to see if when it first came out but never did. Loved it!