I'm on break, the SWTOR Beta is downloaded, but I have to wait until the Beta weekend officially starts...and my copy of SWTOR: Revan arrived today. I seem to have a nerdgasm at the end of each chapter that features Revan, just because of how those chapters references events and characters from KOTOR.

So many years, and I'm finally reading the book that ties up the loose ends from the KOTOR games...and sets the stage for SWTOR. I haven't finished yet, but I already love it.

I especially love how big a role Canderous Ordo has in this book. Canderous Ordo is the epitome of what a Mandalorian should be, and I loved hearing his opinions about war, fighting, loyalty, and honor when I played KOTOR 1 and 2.

There is also this other story happening on the Empire side, being told from the point of view of Lord Scourge, a Pureblood Sith Warrior that gets involved in a conflict between two Sith Lords who are members of the Dark Council. Interested to see how his story and Revan's tie together.

Gah, there is SO much I want to talk about regarding this book. BUY IT! Even if you haven't played all the KOTOR games. The book does a good job of catching everyone up to speed on the events of the KOTOR games.