In the Beginning….

What does is mean to be a hero? To be a soldier? Am I willing to die for someone I have never met, trillions of light years away, on a planet that my memories of grow dimmer every second. Nothing of my training or any second I had spent in this army up until this point motivates me to move forward. But to save her… to save her I would cross the stars, the galaxies, move planets and navigate the universe.

How do I get to a woman kneeling in front me though? The length from here to my knees seems an eternity. Her radiant red hair cascades down her naked back, the armor was suffocating with the fever. Those once incandescent deep blue eyes are murky with pain and blood shot. The sickness behind them make her almost unrecognizable. Her frame had always been thick and athletic, now the girl in front of me is far slighter than the woman I held in my arms days ago.


And with one hoarse, chocked whisper this distance closes and I’ve fallen to my knees, the world shattering around me. Her voice…so commanding and strong, yet I know the soft sensuousness it could hold. I’ve seen the walls she holds up so high and so fortified let me in, a door only I have found in her defenses, a door I have cherished.

But to see those walls ripped apart and this girl inside in ruins…this is what tears me apart.

Before the End…

Her laugh… that’s my favorite part. It leaves me dazed while she leaves me in the dust. God training sucks and I thought I was in shape, but to be shown up by a chick….. Insulting. “Oh Church… I know your just an asshole from some back water Texas dump but COME ON… she’s kicking your ass!” Some comrades…His laughter mocks me as I pick myself up off the training room floor yet again. I turn to see those eyes enticing me through fiery hair fallen from her ponytail. Here it comes again, the come-hither smile and that devastating laugh, just before she attacks.

And I was never the same…..

“Hey Church!” Same guy same stupid annoying voice, with that stupid annoying face to go along with it.

“Hey whadaya want Ugly.”

“Ha ha, you know I hate that!” I just chuckled.

“Ya know our ranks up for call signatures, you really should use that for yours, that’s what we all know you as anyway.” Ugly rolls his eyes, but continues with his slight smirk.

“Well, that’s kinda what I was saying, you remember that chick who took you down last week?” My mind flashes with red hair and blue eyes. Wearily I glance back.

“Yeah? What of it?”

“Well her rank just chose their call signatures. And I was wondering if she was from Texas like you?” I almost flush, I shouldn’t be embarrassed that I know the answer, but the only reason I do is because I had to know who she was… so I snooped through every record I could find. All I found was her PT signature is Nevada so I don’t assume we’re neighbors.

“I don’t think so Ugly, get to the point.”

“Well I heard today that she stole your call sign, She is officially the owner of AGENT TEXAS, thought that was interesting, don’t you?” His eyes are still buggy, but mocking. I’m so stunned I just stand there like an idiot as she crosses our path 500 yards up. Her hair flying like a banner, body strong and powerful, eyes dancing as they meet mine.

Tex…Every one in our Unit calls me Church, but that’s just because our sergeants wore my name out during drill and it just stuck. Those who weren’t there, everyone who isn’t in our unit, calls me Tex for my accent. I’d let it be known that’s what my call sign was to be, everyone knew. She knew.