Welcome Barbara!

3 years ago

I am very pleased to announce that after seven years as an outstanding member of the RT community, Barbara "Blawndee" Dunkelman has officially joined the Rooster Teeth staff as our first ever Community Manager. Most of you in the community will already recognize Barb as she has been a fixture of the site for many years. She is one of the main organizers of RvB:TO, a founder of Awesome On Its Own and as of today is the #1 Most Watched Member in the history of the site. She even has an entire Group dedicated to getting her a job with the company. So I guess they can shut the hell up now.

On behalf of everyone at Rooster Teeth I want to say how proud we are to add another member of our awesome community to the Cast & Crew ranks. Barbara will be helping us figure out how to continue showing you guys the love you show us every day.

Welcome aboard, Barb!


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  • nickst7719


    3 years ago

    Ok.. My turn xD

  • rogueJ


    3 years ago

    hell yeah

  • Ari


    3 years ago

    You forgot to add "Is incredibly hot" to the list...

  • primeian


    3 years ago

    She's pretty hot.

  • SirLollyman


    3 years ago

    Ray is poor, he does a lot for achievement hunter, and he's friends with you guys. That's three good reasons to hire him.

  • MrNapkin00


    3 years ago


  • Campbell88


    3 years ago


  • Angus314


    3 years ago

    GOD!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!

  • pimpnswivel


    3 years ago

    glad she could be part of the RvB team! and im especially thankful for barb's involvement in bringing RvB to T.O since i got to meet some of them this year!

  • Althenias


    3 years ago

    Finally!! Congrats Barb! knew you'd get the job eventually smiley13.gif