Hello everone o...o how is everyones christmas shopping ...mines baaad >.<
i only bought for my mom haha..
I had to go to a church today..and omg..i fell asleep...
christians I find are very comical.....*rolls eyes* Im not religous at all..I swear to god I could feel my feet burning.
But I know I can be an angel sometimes >.< so Here is a pic...of what I think I would look like being all heavenly!

hehe yep ^.^

I been thinking about religion and I think its a good thing for some people...makes dieing easier...My cousin is in the hospital..dieing slowly because her liver is failing and ..shes not well So i been by her side. i was at a cookie exchange and my aunty pops up with these words about my cousin and I quote them "I wish she knew who god was and had somthing to look forward to.. shes going to be damed to hell*....well not only did I stand up..but i threw my fork at her...told her shes a cow...I belive in a higher power but why should somone have to praise a unkown man.. but then i got to thinking OMG
PARENTS lie to their children about christmas.. a big fat man in a red suit brining us presents..its so Fake, and they lie to there kids for years giving them false hope and belifes..same as the easter bunny too..the tooth fairy..its all are parents...And they wonder why their kids lie...>.< So what makes god any different. All he is is a fake hope and story ..thats what I belive anyways..SO Many lies its amazing..anyways thats just my lil rant sorry guys haha felt good and I really dont care if my grammer sucks..dont like it fuck off>.<