I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. All four removed at once, and I have to go to a facial surgeon because apparently I have mondo-mega-steroid teeth that have roots resting on my overly thin jaw bone, so there's a greater chance of jaw fracture unless I go to a specialist facial surgeon.

So my surgeon is also a plastic surgeon- anyone want a killer deal on fake boobs? smiley4.gif

I'm weaving in and out of anxiety about this. I've had some procedures done before, but all with local anesthesia and have never been fully "put under." I'm not anxious about general anesthesia, but about AFTERWARDS. I have a pretty irrational fear of vomiting, so I would really hate to be in that 30% or so of people who get really sick from G.A.

If I get sick, I'm thinking of popping two drammamine and passing the hell out at home.

What do ya'll think? Any of you had your wisdom teeth pulled? What was it like and how did ya'll feel afterwards?

Stupid, retard step-child tooth.