Lyrics by Matt Hullum, Music by Jeff Williams

Let me blow you… Away!
You won't believe your eyes and ears today
You are in for a surprise
When you look into my eyes
You won't be able to deny my ga--- ze!

Sarge: Wait a minute… your what?
Donut: Come on, Sarge! You can't deny my deep, penetrating… eye contact! My gaze! What did you think I said?
Sarge: Um, don't ask.
Donut: Don't tell!

Let me blow you… away!
There's nothing that I will not do or say
To entertain a red companion
In this hot and sweaty canyon
Like a stallion I am bursting through the ga--- te!

Simmons: A what?
Donut: You know! A stallion, a stud! A horse with a big…
Simmons: Don't say it!--
Donut: --Saddle! Now, who wants to mount up?
Simmons: Oh god.

Let me start with this inquiry
Which I've recorded in my diary
I've got a secret thing I want to say…

What's worse than a conundrum?
Or a cheerleader threesome? (Bitches!)
Not taking the time to enjoy life each day!

You see the fun will never cease
As long as we've got elbow grease
There's really nothing to it
When you're using head… light… flu… id!

Grif: Donut, you do know there's no such thing as headlight fluid?
Donut: Depends on what you mean by head!
Grif: I'm just going to pretend I don't know what you mean.
Donut: I'm just going to pretend you do!

I caught the fever for hot fun
And I'm recruiting everyone
You know this army needs a little style

Hold my ankles, stretch my hammies
I hope that you like double whammies
'Cause I'm gonna sing and dance until you smile

Some soldiers only work or nap
While I ride in shotgun's lap
The solution is simple
I'll fill them up with my… po… ten… tial!

Simmons: Donut! Please! Enough with the double entendres.
Donut: Double entendre? Is that anything like a menage-a-trois?
Simmons: I give up.
Donut: In that case...

Let me blow you… away!
Like a needle I'll get lost inside your hay
Easy if you know how, just like milking a cow
Like we do it on the farm back in I-O-W-A!!!!

Grif: So. You really grew up on a farm in Iowa?
Donut: Yep! You spend a lot of time thinking when you're on the farm. And then a lot of time repressing those thoughts.

Let me blow you… away!
I'm on my knees just to have a chance today
If you see me winking
It's cause we both are thinking
This light-ish red armor looks so ga-- rish.

Simmons: Um, what did you just call your armor?
Donut: Garish, it means totally lacking in good taste.
Simmons: Hmm. Kind of like this song.
Grif: For the millionth time, Donut, your armor is clearly pink!
Donut: It's light-ish red!
Sarge: Why won't he just admit it?
Simmons: Yeah, you're not fooling anyone, Donut.
Grif: Um, are we still talking about his armor color or something else…?
Donut: Enough talk you guys. It's time for action.
All reds: No…!

So let me blow you…
Blow you all…
One by one…
Individually---or in a group
Blow you---
A… way…!