It's here! Thanks everyone for your patience. I really really hope you enjoy the new CD. I think there is something for everyone! It's got the orchestra stuff, the rock/metal orchestra stuff, the rock stuff, the rap stuff, the funk, the broadway showtunes!!!

Releasing this CD feels very different for me than last year's, because my friendships here on the site have grown so much. You all have been so very very kind to me, and your generous words have really been a huge source of energy and inspiration to me while making this music.

RT gives me soooo much to sink my teeth into, and Matt gives me so much freedom to experiment and take big chances. I'm very grateful for this!!

I have an amazing little team that contributes in a huge way to the music: Casey Williams, Sandy Casey and Lamar Hall. These people are insanely talented and extremely brave!! They know that with me, there is no comfort zone, that almost everything I ask of them is going to be a real challenge, and not only do they accept the challenge but they kill it every time.

Knowing that you enjoy the music and that it brings positive energy to your lives provides me with a kind of joy and satisfaction that I can't begin to express. Thank you so much for everything!!!!!