Let's see if this post pops up on my Twitter, Facebook, and G+ . I have linked all of those accounts to here so I can update constantly without going to multiple sites.
If it happens without any errors then Rooster Teeth shall be my official social media. There are a few dilemmas such as how I'm going to communicate with people that use only Twitter, or Facebook, or G+. First World Problems. But their shitty apps are on my phone and shall suffice if that's the case. Nevertheless, I will reply to any comments/messages that y'all put out there. It'll be awesome once I can connect Tumblr, LinkedIn, and MySpace. But that's for another week.

Or connect with me through whateves:

Facebook : Aquib Azim
G+ : Aquib Azim
Hotmail : aquibmsa_aquinox@hotmail.com
Hotmail 2 : aquibmsa@hotmail.com
Rooster Teeth : Drunkyhippo
Twitter : @aquibmsa
Xbox Live : Plumphippo

Sign up to Rooster Teeth, watch their videos. It's hilarious.

Sorry if the main post offended anybody. It was the funniest thing I heard from a friend, and also I don't give a shit.

There also might be some posts that have a title with a blank body. That is normal.