So I just finished reading these three books. I had several people recommend them to me, but all of those people were women.

Here's the thing, when 1 woman recommends a book to me, I'm like, "Oh, yeah? I might check that out." Then I might hit wiki to get a brief overview and see if I think I'd like it. Most likely, though, I'll just forget about it. When a second women recommends the book to me, I'm like, "Oh, yeah, I've heard of that." and there's a good chance I'll google it to find out some details and then decide if I want to read it. However, when 5 different women and 0 men recommend a book to me, I'm like, "Oh, no, it's Twilight!" So at that point I became wary.

Then when I was playing Halo the other day with Dac and tiny girl Peagis, they started talking about it, and Dac said it was a pretty decent series and that I should give it a look. A little multi-gender input got me a little more curious. I know what you're thinking, "but Dac is Australian." He is, but does that mean that we should ignore his opinion? I think not, well, not completely at any rate. So I gave them a read.

They were not bad, I have to say. Sci-fi I guess you'd have to call it, and I don't read a lot of sci-fi unless you count like ST or B5 books. The entire last quarter or so of the final book I found to be kind of lacking and the love triangle in the series feels forced and there's never any real tension to it. The story, the world building, the characters and stuff, though, are pretty well done. The action beats are creative and fun. The main character/narrator is just a bit of a clueless bitch, which makes the first person a little less enjoyable than stuff like the Dresden Files and Percy Jackson. I think it would have been better in third person, particularly since the author has trouble squeezing in the huge amount of exposition she needs without spending huge chunks of time (particularly at the beginning) with the main character just thinking about stuff, presumably just sitting there for minutes on end, staring blankly into space, maybe drooling slightly.

I did enjoy it for the most part, certainly worth reading if you don't have better books in the pipe. The movie is coming out soon, but since it's basically The Running Man with kids, I doubt it'll end up being anything special, unless they've got some serious talent on the thing. Then again, who knows. I'm sure I'll end up seeing it.