Yesterday at 11:45 on Dec12, My 21 year old cousin robin left me and my family, She in the past had 2 liver transplants and got a disease that make you have to many white blood cells so these blood cells would attack her liver She went through so much. On nov 31 she went back to the hospital because her liver started failing again. the toxins were getting to was the worst thing i have ever seen.i went to go see her on dec 3rd in her room because they where supposed to be letter her go home..and I found out she was in icu. She some how got a spinal disease and she was bleeding from the inside. she faught so hard to stay with us and the sadest part is she had a 3 year old son..on dec 11 at 2:33 am..the toxins and the bleeding was so bad. that it actually got in her brain..and made her ...pritty much brain dead. they did not expect her to make it through the night but she beat the odds and stayed.. but the doctors decided it would be better to take life support away...not even five minits..and she past away after wards.

The reason im telling you all because a week before all this happend...she was a smiling happy a normal life...then the next day shes gone. It just gos to show we need to appriciate everything we have.

She was my best friend and cousin.

but at least she wont suffer no more.
I love you robin R.I.P your a beautiful angel now.
I love you so much you fought your hardest and do not worry we will protect carter.