My dog Tiger died two days ago. He got the point where he was no longer able to walk, so my family decided to put him to sleep. I still keep thinking about the final moments, me petting him on the head as the needle went in, and how he calmly laid down to sleep. I'm still somewhat in denial of my dog's death. I will sometimes do something, only to remember that he's dead, and there is no longer a reason for that action. No regrets on the decision to let him go though.

Here is another story. Before we took Tiger to the hospital for the euthanasia, we stopped by the home of this elderly man, who my mom was close to. She used to care for his wife...until she died a year ago. The following morning, after Tiger was put to sleep, he died. His body was found on the floor, near his bed. Just came back from the funeral home, and the funeral is tomorrow. I wasn't very close to him, but my mother was, and he was a very nice guy. Often gave out $20 to my mom or anyone in my family like it was free candy. May he rest in peace with his wife.

Who else is dying? My grandma. On January, my sister and I are making a trip to Costa Rica for 2 weeks, to see our grandma one last time. Not too long ago, her health was so bad she got sent to the hospital. My mom left to Costa Rica, and stayed there for a week to care for her health. Wolfy was the first person I told this to, and without any effort on my part, here is how the conversation went:

Me: "I'll be going to Costa Rica in January."
Wolfy: "Have fun!
Me: "My grandma is dying."
Wolfy:"...I'm sorry to hear that."
*I laugh*


If there is one thing that stood out for me this year, more than any other I've had my my life, its that I've been more exposed to real life deaths. The guild I was a part of in DCUO contributed to that. Often, the guys there were going through a situation where someone they loved were dying, or recently died.

One of them had a mother that was dying in the hospital, and he would inform us of her progress, and then her death. Fire's uncle was a firefighter that passed away, which then encouraged him to change his name to Fire Marshal for a short while. Rose bloom was dying of cancer before we even met her. The ex-wife of one of my former leaders died recently.