here it is
you is me and stranger is stranger

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: ok Terminator
Stranger: why so much hp?
You: so
Stranger: from what?
You: i trained
You: so many dead bodies
Stranger: amfetamine ?? haha
You: the exp is nice
Stranger: a murderer?
You: nah
Stranger: tibia?
You: they were monsters
You: dragons
You: giants
You: stuff like that
You: i don't kill humans much
Stranger: god damn it you are fuckin' hero
You: nah
You: more like anti-hero
You: i can be a good guy
Stranger: but?
You: but only in necessity
You: i tend to do what i want
You: although i wander around alot
Stranger: so be a good guy and rim my pussy well
You: fuck no
You: i fight the heroes for fun
Stranger: gay?
You: so i would wind up killing you
You: plus
You: i have no gender
You: terminator remember
Stranger: oh sorry
Stranger: i would like to touch your muscels
You: fake
Stranger: hahaha
You: it is mostly metal and gears
You: the more i kill though
You: the better they get
You: think of adaptive technology
Stranger: ?maybe its true but how did you become a terminator
Stranger: ?
You: i don't know myself
You: i just remember waking up in a forest with wolves trying to gnaw my face off
You: just started fighting
You: i knew basics of society too
You: so i could fit in sor tof
You: as i said
You: i wander around
You: don't think about it much
Stranger: i can kill you with liquid nitrous
You: oh please
You: i got myself fire spells
You: and ice spells
Stranger: shit
Stranger: so there is no way to kill ya?
You: close
You: get a big enough army
You: or
You: if i run out of potions and mana
You: not ganna happen though
You: got plenty o' both
Stranger: damn it you r good
You: damn straight
You: although
You: i have been bored lately
You: any big baddies i can go get rid of?
Stranger: kill Obama
You: i don't like being noticed that much
You: too big of a target right now
Stranger: hmmm let's see kim jon li already dead
Stranger: by the way
Stranger: it was your job?
You: eh
You: nah
You: i could have
You: but as i said
You: would have put me on the radar
You: and since no more dragons and shit are around i don't like to be
You: back then it was nice
Stranger: vaclav havel is dead too so maybe some guys who raping young girls?
You: yeah i do go after rapists like that
You: hate them
You: a disgrace
Stranger: fuckin bastards
You: yup
You: although i wish some big monsters were still around
You: were fun to kill
You: and to talk to
You: some were quite nice
Stranger: like giant ogres?
You: too stupid
Stranger: so what monsers have you gor in mind?
Stranger: got*
You: to kill or talk to?
Stranger: both
You: to kill
You: giant ogres were fun
You: but a little too easy
You: dragons got fun to talk to
You: but somtimes they ramble on and on
Stranger: do you wanna fuck with some monster?
You: nah
You: you forget?
You: genderless
Stranger: oh shit i forgot
Stranger: so you hasn't got a genitalia?
You: nah
You: i could if i wanted
You: but it would bog me down
Stranger: yea now i understand :P so how do you like your life without having sex?
Stranger: killing is better??
You: i have no desire for flesh
You: so it doesn't matter to me
You: killing can be fun
You: but it can get boring after a while
You: so i like to play with them
You: i almsot kill them
You: let them get stronger
You: then crush them
You: funny how they see they will never ammount to my power
Stranger: haha your a fuckin bad guy
You: anti-hero
You: i will never go out of my way to rule the world or anything
You: just do what i want
Stranger: sorry TERMINATOR i have to go now thanks for conversation bye!
You: i don't kill without need
You: well then
You: go onward and kill someone for me!
You: hopefully a rapist
Stranger: let the power be with you!!
You have disconnected.