Alrighty! Been a while but WHATEVER!

So, I got to finally meet my fursuit maker, and we discussed every little detail about my suit, even down to how poofy it will be! So, tomorrow (if you read this in the future, it's whenever I post this, just add a day ya lazy asses) I'm putting the down payment on it, half of the total price, which comes out to around 300 bucks... And it's a partial suit so it's the Head, arms and handpaws, then legs and feet paws.

So yeah, I pay her the rest when I get the rest, which should be on like, the 15th of the New Year... what a great way to start! Finally living out my dream of owning a fursuit!

My New Year's resolution? Kick some ass at SERE, learn my AFSC, go hang out with my mate some more, and kick life's feeble ass!

-Andrew "Shamrock 1-3"