Yes, yes, it's new years, whoopdie fuckin' doo. But fuck people who text me at midnight and wake me up to say, "Happy New Year!!" Yeah, it might have been happy if not for you. As it is, I'm starting it off kind of pissed.

That being said, REALLY fuck people who text me 5 and 10 minutes after midnight, when they've reached me on their long list of people they obsessively text, after I've just managed to get back to sleep, and wake me up again.

Finally, super duper fuck people who text me at midnight in other time zones when they hit their own new years and wake me up yet again!! I think I hate you most of all.

Now you may be asking a couple of questions. 1. Why was I asleep at midnight on New Years? And 2. Why on Earth would I leave the sound on my phone on after the first and second times this happened?

1. Because I don't give a fuck about calendar changing day, and I was tired.
2. Because bad things happen when I do this. A couple of weeks ago I left the sound turned off on my phone while I slept and didn't find out until late morning when I got up that my little brother had been rushed to the hospital the previous night. So, yeah, I'm a bit wary of putting myself completely out of contact while I'm sleeping.

Basically I hate a lot of people this morning. Maybe if I go back to sleep for a bit my mood will improve. Though, as it's about 6 AM, I'm tempted to begin texting some of these people back in the hopes that I might return some favors.