So here I am in Costa Rica. Wont be back till the end of this month. And this keyboard has some keys that are different, so screw proper pronounciation.

Anyways, so the point of this trip is that my grandmother is sick, and this might be the last time my sister and I will see her. Honestly, after arriving at her home... I cant imagine her not being there the next time I come back. Everytime my family and I come here, she is there, in that same house. Its been that way ever since Ive been coming here. Ive tried to think about how things will be once she is gone... and there is no answer to that.

So far though, my sister and I have been enjoying ourselves. Spending time with family I havent seen in a year is always a good thing. There is also the things I forgot to bring with me on this trip.

I brought my Xbox... but forgot to bring controllers. I brought my laptop for the PC games I have in there...but forgot my gaming mouse...though I was pretty sure I did pack that in. Brought the game case of MW3 to play SpecOps Survival with my sister...but forgot to remove the game from her xbox. XD

I created a spreadsheet with a list of things for the next time that I travel. When traveling alone, its easy, since I only have to worry about my own stuff. But when going to Costa Rica, I suddenly have to remember about the stuff she wants us to bring as well. I can only remember so much before I forget everything else.