There is a contest at my bootcamp for who can stick to the paleo diet the closet during a 1 month period. While I won't be around to participate till the end (I can only afford the classes till the end of this month) I figured I'd follow the diet.

From what we were told, if you actually follow it, to a T, you will lose weight. Your body is supposed to drop down to what you are naturally supposed to be at. Also, without exercise, more muscle definition. We'll see.... I'll keep you all updated, I'm only on week one.

"Krista, WTF is the paleo diet?"

This should explain it.

In other news the countdown has begun to Vegas! I'm very excited to see everyone. It's going to be nice to go party it up on the strip. I've been to Vegas countless times, but I've never been there for the purpose it was intended for. To take my money at the slots and have me buy overpriced, over-sized, alcoholic beverages.

Now that I updated the few who read this about what's going on, time to get back to the kitchen. I'm making apple chips! (My new guilty pleasure.)