Everyone has fears. Even people who say they fear nothing truly do fear something they just have yet to face it. Most people have a few big and a few small fears. These are normal fears, like those of heights or spiders and the like. The normal fears are the only ones that people ever talk about to each other in public, the only ones they feel secure enough about to admit to a total stranger. I have these normal fears. One of them is height. I have always had issues with it, but when I am high enough in a plane I no longer have that fear. I think I only fear heights if I can see the ground. The other is spiders. Not seeing them, but if they touch me. It goes like that for most all creepy crawlers. I can see them, but no touchy. Oddly I don’t have a fear of getting failing grades. Oh well, I guess I will have to discuss that in more detail later.
The fears that can be admitted to others are only the surface. Many people myself included, have fears that they couldn’t ever admit to others. They may be simple fears that are overblown, or they could be something that is a very real fear. In my case it’s something of a in between. It can be a very real fear, but only if I let it. My fear is my own anger. There are reasons as to why I fear it, but they are too long and you might lose interest. It scares me to my core, and I don’t know what to do about it. I know that I need to confront it some or I will lose something very close to me. Anyway time to move on.