The love of my life is all consuming. I love her, more than anything I have in the past. I do plan on proposing to her after I have finished college. I do hope that she says yes. There is just one problem. I don’t know if I can because of the way things work in my head. I mean I would gladly give my life to protect my friends, but she made me promise not to die first. So here’s the issue; I would ignore that promise if my friends were in danger, but not if my own life or hers was. That seems wrong to me, really wrong. But then again my mind is still fractured from that time. Maybe in time I will think differently. I hope that I do. Also I find it hard to believe that I truly love her. I mean I thought I loved the other, but look at how that turned out. Then I just turn around and go out with her. I don’t know it could just be teenage hormones. But I really hope it isn’t because right now I can’t imagine my life without her in it. She is so perfect, so beautiful, and so caring that I don’t know what would happen to me if it all ended. I guess another fracturing and reforming would begin. That’s a scary thought.