Hey everybody, how goes it? Long time no journal, I know, but life.... life finds a way.

I never need a reason to quote Jurassic Park at anyone.

So, Ele and I had our anniversary earlier in the month, which is our excuse to completely ignore Valentines Day, which is really a good idea. If you're thinking of starting a relationship, it's cool to be able to say 'Sure the 14th is for love everywhere, but the 9th is OUR day. I love Ele more than I did 6 years ago, and I can't wait to see the directions our life will take together.

Work has been alright, I've been told to take some responsibility that I have to actually learn servers and computers and shit... this will likely not go too well, but I'll give it a shot.

Some of you folks might have heard that I'm in a movie... and you're right! I believe all my friends know Charlie aka Film_Geek and if you don't, you really should. Anyways, you can follow him for some behind the scenes shots including THE FIRST RVBTO SHIRT EVER FEATURED IN A MOVIE! Sweet, eh.

I am loving the process of acting and hanging out with the crew, but I have to admit, it kind of chafes me that I was never given the chance to go to an elementary or high school that had any kind of arts program, whether for creative writing or drama or that stuff, because while I am enjoying it, I don't have a background to really know much of what I'm doing, and I will tell you folks, Acting is actually harder than you think.

Ooh, more news! I have now figured out how to take videos from my phone and upload them directly to YouTube. Right now I have a Behind the Scenes video of an RvBTO planning Meeting, and some behind the scenes stuff from Charlie's film, Deadline. Check it out, and in the near future I will have some solid content to throw up there.

So that's me, guys, how are all of you folks doing?