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3 years ago

Any French Canadians out there? Or do any of you have any Québécois friends? I might want to hire you/them:

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  • dtrickle


    3 years ago

    french heritage.... don't speak french, and i live in Vancouver. damn! 3 strikes!

  • Fallout


    3 years ago

    What about us down in Alabama?!

  • Rowen


    3 years ago

    shit, i could totally do this from here.

  • beefiesttaco

    beefiesttaco The Beefiest

    3 years ago

    Crap, I live in the wrong part of Canada.

  • kylebrodeur


    3 years ago

    I'm of French Canadian decedent... But I live in Texas.

  • Jean110


    3 years ago

    Sorry, can''t help you there. As much as my name is french and my home is all of 2 miles from the canadian border I can't help you, french of any kind was not my strong suit.

  • Becca

    Becca Seester

    3 years ago

    I'm looking to hire a French Canadian community manager for a client's Facebook page. I need someone totally fluent in Canadian French and preferably located in Quebec.

  • raz0rblade


    3 years ago

    I'm French on my mom's side. Her family is from Saint-Boniface, a small French-speaking suburb of Winnipeg. Looking to brush up on your French at all?