Christ, I didn't think it could get much worse with the New Profile that I saw. Now I've got all this bullshit to deal with involving the length of the bar on the top of the page, because apparently it's now a requirement that I full-screen this window when it's up. Oh, and what's this, the nav-bar follows my screen? AND THERE'S NO WAY TO TURN IT OFF?!

I liked the old profile. Not because I was used to the old one, but because its layout made sense, and it didn't feel like it was constantly trying to follow me around, or make it so that I couldn't see what I wanted to see in my Watchlist.

And now I have to wait for my journal's text window to catch up with my typing. That's a hell of an issue, considering I don't usually have to wait to see what's being written down.

Thanks for making a MASSIVE FUCKING GROUP DECISION for us, Ben.