Since I joined the RT community and I still remember why I went from just lurking on the site to an actual member and then a sponsoring member in less than a year. It's all because of Joel. I remember walking down a rainy street after leaving a Jimmie John's on my lunch in Bellevue Washington at the beginning of March last year and seeing Mr. Heyman walking into the same establishment I had just left.

I was a little star struck with his internet fame so I didn't say anything (plus he looked a little pissed smiley4.gif ) but I just kept walking back to my office and up to my desk where I signed up for the site and instantly made this post and that was that basically. Now I have am on the site almost daily, listen to the podcasts weekly, I have even gone back and listened to all of the old podcasts!

It's been an awesome year of being a member and I'm glad I finally signed up after a couple of years just lurking around

Thanks RT