My sister asked me to join her for the 3 day race for the cure. I did the walk 2 years ago and it was an amazing experience. This time around, we would walk for the survivors we know, our Mom and Grandma, but also in memory of our neighbor Sandy, who lost the battle.

The biggest hurdle I would have is the fundraising. To participate, you need to raise $2,300. I'd have till November, so there is time. If I don't meet the goal, it comes out of my pocket. >_<

The walk would be in Phoenix, so my parents would be 99% likely to cover all travel expenses. That wouldn't be a concern.

I'm debating on doing it. If I made some fundraising effort, or sold some geeky handmade things, would you all be willing to help me reach that fundraising goal? Trust me. I'll get creative and make it worth your time.

The training would also be a great workout. (10+ mile walks).