I finally decided that I didn't care about what other people would think and about the 20 dollars a year, so I became a sponsor of Rooster Teeth. I pretty much watch everything that they do, except the stuff that Fragger and Caleb do. No offense to those too, I just find Geoff and Jack so much funnier. I am proud to be a Rooster Teeth Sponsor because these guys are the best internet based gaming team in the world. I wish that I could actually meet them all, like just hang with them all for a day. Not get in the way, not do any capturing or video work with them, just sit in the back of the room and enjoy my "friends." I started calling them my "friends" because whenever I play my X-box I normally listen to a podcast. I didn't know that they had a podcast until like a month ago so I am about 100 podcasts behind. I just wish that I could hang with them but oh well.