3 years ago

I asked JamesKryack to write a journal update for me.. like.. a month ago or something along those lines. I have yet to receive said journal entry.. So.. here's an update for all of you. I'm. Fucking. Exhausted. Work has been an epic drain this week, with my usual workload plus some emergency repairs etc... such as rebuilding a fence, that was built like shit in the first place. Clearing out 3 different exam rooms of old equipment (including a heavy as sin treadmill) with little to no help.

In other news, RvBestCoast is next weekend. That shall be epic and awesome.

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  • Dame


    3 years ago

    Kiyo! why'd you link to the group silly! hehheh

    Dopp is right, the group is set to private since its just a small gathering at a private house.

    But yes, we shall have some good times indeed! sounds like you really need it after the rough week you had smiley12.gif

  • James

    James NWETS

    3 years ago

    No way it's been an entire month. Had to have been two weeks ago at the most. smiley8.gif

  • Dopp

    Dopp ROLL TIDE

    3 years ago

    lol private group