I've put together a group of badasses, and we are going to play on April 7th at The Estate in Boston (yes, during PAX). Performing with me will be all your favorites--Lamar Hall, Casey Williams, Sandy Casey, as well as a 20 member choir and 20 piece orchestra and 8 piece band. Oh yeah, those RT guys will be there too, maybe they'll even sing some songs.

Ummm, that's right, you just read that.

We have three acts on the bill--first the PaKaRoRo String Quartet will play a really cool selection of video game music, and then the absolutely amazing Video Game Music Choir will blow you....away! And then, yeah, we're going to hit you with a big loud punch of RvB soundtrack music.

The Estate is a gorgeous club within walking distance of the Convention Center. The event is 21+ and tickets will go on sale this week. Tickets are $12 and will be sold at theestateboston.com/

This is going to be a seriously fun and historic event. I hope that you'll be there to join us.