Another bi annual update, sorry I haven't been on too much I'll explain in a sec.

Three weeks ago was finals week and I did my greatest impression ever of the "I have no idea what I'm doing." meme. So the week after mostly had me moping around since I was sure I failed. Amazingly I didn't, C's in everything, hell I'll take it.

That euphoria was followed by my body (Some conspiracy theorists called "Doctors" say cold viruses.) trying its damn hardest to murder me. First was awful splitting headaches with fever and temperature fluctuations. Aside from it preventing me from sleeping it was kind of fun, got to pop Ibuprofen and feel like House. But it was followed by laryngitis, a constant strep level sore throat and a lingering cough. Also plugged nose, keeping me from sleeping again. Doesn't sound too bad at first but after a good five days of it you want to die. I'm begging that it will end soon.

I know people say men are babies when they're sick, but I say "Women
are you sure we both have colds? :P