Woah! another 2 years passed by before logging in again, how time flys..
Whats new guys? I'm diggin the new RT site setup.

What's new with me? Well I got married last year (8.20.11) to an amazing girl that I only thought existed in my dreams. Turns out she didn't only exist but was fully alive right under my nose. She was born in Russia moved to the US when she was 13, Five years after that met I met her. Almost 3 years later I talked her into letting me wife her up! wo00t! Anyways! looking back on my previous journal everything didn't go as planned. I still live here in Brighton. I recently stopped attending college, told the CNA world to kiss it and I now run a landscape crew. (rich people always need some kind of work done) I currently own more cars than I thought was ever possible. (anyone want to buy one? haha) Life is pretty grand here, how is the RT community (what's left..) doing? I hear RT had their 9th birthday! I know I spent a good 4 years with them and they're still kickin'! Congrats to them!! Get at me, I wanna know whats new!!

Always yours,
_dasan_ <3