So I've done the math and with halo 4 coming out later this year with an unknown price, (estimate £40) and my xbox gold subscription (£8.50) and another subscription (£15.58) and my plan for rooster teeth sponsorship (£6.30)
and now I make £30.00 a month give or take.

so with £24.08 coming out every month that means at the end of this month I will have £5.52 then that mean if I want to get halo 4 and a sponsorship I need to save £46.30 by the end of the year

April: £5.52
May: £11.04

So that means I'm not getting anything new until december, well I can still play the games I have(if only I haven't completed them all) but I can still watch some dvd (if only I hadn't watched them already)

Well damn being poors going to suck.

And the sadest part is I failed my math exam.