So yesterday my family had giant going away party for a bunch of friends and the theme for that party was the 80's, so every came to the party dressed in work out gear, mc hammer pants, and perfectly white suits, i was on charge of handling entertainment for my age group of kids so at first all we did was play LBP2 which very soon got boring, so what we did after that i thought we might try this game i heard of a few weeks ago, after LBP2 we play the my little pony drinking game. since all the people were underaged we played the game using soda. all in all we only had we only had 2 people throwing, but we did go though 2 bottles of root bear, 2 bottles of cola, a bottle of cherry seven up, 2 bottle of orange juice, 1 case of sunskiss, and 3 cases of karpri sun. that right there is a fun 8 player game :)