If You Haven't Already

3 years ago

Go see The Avengers. Like right now.

Seriously. Right. Now.

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  • raz0rblade


    3 years ago

    I hadn't planned on going to see it until next week since I'm broke, but after hearing everybody gush about it I can stand it anymore........gonna sell my DS & my Metroid games (Zero Mission, Fusion, Prime Pinball) so I can go this afternoon.

  • slymaz


    3 years ago

    Have to wait till after my exams...BUT I WILL DO THIS!

  • Brian


    3 years ago

    Will take your word for it James. I need to see this.

  • Sephiroth0


    3 years ago

    Saw it at midnight on Thursday! It was EPIC!!

  • Newbs

    Newbs Rooster Speak & RT MN

    3 years ago

    Avengers Weekly Speak must happen right now! So damn good!

  • Solaquinn


    3 years ago

    This man speaks the truth!

  • Hackett


    3 years ago

    I've seen it twice. So good smiley0.gif

  • TKSeoul

    TKSeoul Geeks and Bleeps

    3 years ago

    I'm seeing it after the SAT today!

  • Strutter


    3 years ago

    Haha, I still haven't watched it.

  • Akourysao


    3 years ago

    Oh you mean you only just watched it.

    England got it last week, it's been amazing smiley0.gif